Why Redyl hasn't been here for the last 14 days and why I chose to say something about it NOW.

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Why Redyl hasn't been here for the last 14 days and why I chose to say something about it NOW.

Post by Redylriws on Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:19 am

Well, now that I've done exactly what this forum says NOT to do(just randomly up and disappear for two weeks), time to say what I've been doing.

School. Yep, the great bane of pokemon players. Even Redyl, who doesn't actually go to school (yay for online schooling) is affected by school. That, and someone in the league, for multiple reasons, has started to aggravate me quite thoroughly in a rather unforgivable way. No, Zero/Rush, it isn't you. In fact, that person probably doesn't even realize that they have aggravated me. This video should(n't) explain why.

That aside, school is still nightmarish atm and this post should not be taken as a joke, despite the above video being one. I'll be pretty much completely gone for I don't even know how long, but I'll pop in on occasion. And just remember... even if it looks like I'm not there... I will find out any major developments. And probably some minor ones too if I'm ninja enough.

As for why I chose today of all days to say something about it, it's because it's exactly 2 weeks after my disappearance. Course, Zero knew I was alive on Saturday but that's p much it. I've also been trying to determine whether I can forgive the person who has aggravated me, and will most likely not be back until I decide if I can.

Normal Ninja Redyl, the King of Rick Rolls, signing out.

P.S: Why do people hate being Rick Rolled so much? It's a good song and I tend to listen to it all the time of my own free will :I


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